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Tax Rules

Nothing handles Tax like Cash Forecaster. Tax is a major part of any cash flow but many companies estimate it because it’s tricky. With Cash Forecaster, it’s a breeze.

You collect Sales Taxes over a time period and file a Tax Return at a future date. Cash Forecaster can forecast this automatically – to give you the most accurate possible Cash Flow.

Best of all, YOU define the Tax Rules. To create a Sales Tax collected monthly and paid the following month takes a matter of seconds. If there is a month’s delay before payment is made, it’s easy to specify this.

Since a Cash Flow Entry can have as many Taxes as you like, it is simple to have U.S. Federal, County and City Taxes and understand the Cash Flow implications of collecting and paying all of these.

Cash Forecaster can collect Tax on a Quarterly basis and pay it two months later – making it perfect for dealing with European Value Added Tax (VAT). You can define the Quarter End Date for any Quarterly Tax Rule (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec / Feb, May, Aug, Nov / Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) and Cash Forecaster will group everything into the correct Quarters.

Another powerful feature of Cash Forecaster is its understanding of Cash Accounting. It can apply Taxes at the Date of Invoice OR the Date of Receipt/Purchase – depending on your need.

Taxes can equally apply to expenditure and income. No problem. Cash Forecaster handles Output Tax as well as Input Tax to give you the most accurate Cash Flow Statement. Cash Forecaster creates a Tax Return and inserts it into the Cash Flow Statement at the correct date. No more nasty surprises when an unexpected Tax Return upsets your Cash Flow Planning!

Quite simply, when it comes to accurate Cash Flow planning where Taxes are concerned, Cash Forecaster is one of the most powerful weapons you can have in your arsenal.