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Repeating Cash Flow Entries

Repeating Cash Flow Entries are an amazingly powerful feature. They let you estimate into the future but override these with actual values. So, if salaries are approximately $15,000 per month, plug this in as a Monthly Repeating Cash Flow Entry et voila!

Direct debits and standing orders (and many other items) repeat on a regular basis.

With Cash Forecaster, enter these values once and they repeat automatically on any multiple of days, weeks, months, quarters or years.

It doesn’t matter if it isn’t exactly the same every month but an estimate is better than no forecast at all.

Using Repeating Cash Flow Entries makes it quick to set up a Cash Flow Forecast and then refine it later to reflect actual circumstances.

Repeating Cash Flow Entries repeat until the end of the Cash Flow unless you enter an End Date.

If the date or amount (or tax) changes at any time you can override the forecast with an actual and Cash Forecaster will use this instead.

Notice that the date and amount are different from the forecast

This is reflected in the Cash Flow Statement