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Cash Flow Entries

Cash Flow Entries are the building blocks of a Cash Flow. Some are one-off (e.g. an invoice), others are Repeating Cash Flow Entries (e.g. rent payable each month). In short, a Cash Flow Item is anything that affects your cash flow.

Cash Forecaster uses Cash Flow Items to build you an instant Cash Flow Statement

Using Cash Forecaster, it is really easy to work with Speculative Cash Flow Entries– things that might happen but, then again, might not.

So your Cash Flow Statement lets you monitor what is actually happening as well as speculating about what might happen.

Cash Forecaster‘s powerful Scenario Manager lets you easily include or exclude speculative items to move instantly from solid known facts to consider possible scenarios that might happen. This makes Cash Forecaster an incredibly powerful planning tool.

Notes can be associated with any Cash Flow Entry. They appear when you float your mouse over the Description in the Cash Flow Statement

Floating your mouse over the date column in the Cash Flow Statement shows all the repetitions for a Cash Flow Entry.