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Cash Forecaster – Revolutionary Cash Flow Management & Business Planning Tool

Cash Forecaster is a sophisticated – yet user friendly – tool that enables your business to plan ahead by providing cash flow projections you can really trust.
Cash Forecaster is like no other forecasting tool. Due to the unique way that Cash Forecaster combines Projections with Actuals and automatically makes provision for Taxes and Payment Terms, it produces a cash flow statement of unparalleled accuracy that you can easily understand.
Cash Forecaster is not a spreadsheet template – it is a dedicated, cash flow management tool that scales to meet users’ needs. Use it for simple cash flow projections or for complex scenario planning.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Planning

Enhanced planning and decision making based on better quality cash flow projections and scenario management.

Sophisticated Modelling

Sophisticated financial modelling at an accessible price.

Clearer Presentation

Clearer presentation of cash management information including graphical views

Reduced Effort

Reduced effort, time and burden in managing cash flow

Tighter Control

Tighter control and oversight of cash flow

Increased Confidence

Increased confidence in cash management information

Management Information

Credible management information to support inward investment

Key Features

Cash Flow Entries

These represent income and expenditure. Cash Forecaster uses one-off and repeating entries to construct realistic, believable Cash Flow Statements

Cash Flow Statement

At the heart of the Cash Flow, Cash Forecaster generates this for as far forward as you wish. Imagine being able to view your next five years’ bank statements.

Repeating Entries

Create entries that repeat on a regular basis and let Cash Forecaster do the hard work

What If...

Group cash flow entries into “What if” scenarios and use these to see the impact on your cash flow to aid decision making

Grouping, Filtering & Sorting

Group, filter and sort entries for easy review & manipulation


Easily copy and paste data and graphs to other software, emails and documents


Annotate Cash Flow Entries

Period Summaries

Period summaries provide breakdown on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis


Cash Forecaster understands tax like no other tool. Create any number of taxes (e.g. US Sales Taxes, VAT) to build accurate and realistic cash flow forecasts

Payment Delays

Customer and supplier payment delays can be customised to reflect expected payment patterns. Vary default Payment Delay to see the impact on your cash flow

Cash Flow Chart

Display balances in graphical format for instant problem identification, professional presentation and better communication


Assign certainty levels to Cash Flow Entries. Toggle speculative entries to review impact

Bank Reconciliation

Cash Forecaster facilitates Bank Statement reconciliation

Import Data

Imports from other accounting software for instant cash flow construction.  Can be repeated regularly for more accurate short to medium term cash flow projection


Threshold value identifies shortfalls in cash


Employs U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology Advanced Encryption Algorithms for unparalleled protection
Truly unlike any other product I’ve seen. I’m not locked in to rows and columns of figures. Cash Acumen really builds my cash flow just the way I think of it. Sean Walsh

Finance Director, Elite Training & Consultancy Services Ltd